Roof Insulation Technical Data

Roof Insulation Techical Brochures

Foam-Control PLUS+® Roof Insulation Tech Data
Foam-Control® Roof Insulation Tech Data
Composite Roof Insulation Tech Data
Nailbase Roof Applications Construction Manual
Foam-Control PLUS+® and Polyiso Roof Assemblies
Foam-Control® and Polyiso Roof Assemblies

Code Reports

Foam-Control® Roofing Installation Guidelines
Foam-Control® Nailbase Installation Instructions
Foam-Control® UL Listings
ESR-1006 - Roof Insulation
ESR-1504 - Polar-R ReCover Board
NTA ci Fastener Code Report
UL ER11812-01: Film Laminated
UL ER11812-03: Nailbase
UL ER11812-04: Roof Board Insulation
UL Roof Deck Construction No 458
UL Roof Deck Construction No 687

Roofing SDS

Foam-Control PLUS+® SDS
Foam-Control® SDS


Foam-Control PLUS+® Roof Insulation Specification
Foam-Control® Roof Insulation Specification
Nailbase Roof Insulation Specification
SecureTherm Composite Roof Insulation Specification


50-Year Warranty
Service Terms & Conditions

Polystyrene Roof Insulation Technical Bulletins

3004 Foam-Control EPS Roof Spanability
3006 Low Temperature R-Values
3010 R-Value and Long-Term R-Value - Background
3011 R-Value and Long Term R-Value - Polyisocyanurate Insulation
3012 Use of Foam-Control Direct to Deck Application & UL Construction 458
3013 R-Value for Polyisocyanurate Insulation at 5 Years
3014 Typical Insulation Fastener Patterns
3015 Roofing Compatible Adhesives
3018 Determining Minimum R-value on Tapered Insulation Systems

Nailbase Roof Insulation Technical Bulletins

4001 Foam-Control Nailbase - Fastening Requirements for Sloped Roofs
4002 Foam-Control Nailbase - Asphalt Shingles
4003 Foam-Control Nailbase - Metal Roof Ventilation with Enkamat 7020
4004 Foam-Control Nailbase - Fastening to Concrete or Fully-Grouted Concrete Masonry Walls
4005 Fastening to Concrete or Masonry Walls
4006 Foam-Control Nailbase Vent-1 and Vent-2 Accessory Products
4007 Foam-Control Nailbase - Fastening to Concrete