Molded Polystyrene Technical Data

Technical Bulletins

Supplemental technical information about EPS testing results, physical properties, R-values, environmental benefits, and performance.  Learn More.

Technical Brochures

ASTM C578 & XPS  
ASTM D6817 & C578 Summary  
EPS vs XPS (Apples-to-Apples)
Polystyrene vs XPS 
Polystyrene vs ISO
DuraTherm® Packaging & OEM Tech Data
DuraTherm® Wine Shipper ISTA 3A Drop Test
Foam-Control® Tech Data
Foam-Control PLUS+® Tech Data
Foam-Control PLUS+® Freezer & Cooler Tech Data
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Tech Data
Foam-Control® Fact Sheet
Foam-Control PLUS+® Fact Sheet
Foam-Control® Nailbase Wall Applications Construction Manual
Foam-Control R-SHIELD® Construction Manual
Foam-Control® Installation Instructions
Foam-Control PLUS+® Installation Instructions
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Installation Instructions
Foam-Control® Radon Guard® Installation Instructions
Foam-Control® Thickness Selector
Foam-Control Thickness & R-Value
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Thickness Selector
Foam-Control® Roof Insulation LTTR
Foam-Control PLUS+® Roof Insulation LTTR
Moisture Resistance Facts
Study Summary: Moisture 101
Study Summary: Moisture 102
Study Summary: Moisture 103
Study Summary: Moisture 104
Study Summary: Moisture 105
Study Summary: Moisture 106
Study Summary: Moisture 107
NFPA 285 Assemblies

Code Reports

AC239 - Termite Resistant EPS
ESR-1006 - EPS Insulation
ESR-1504 - Polar Laminated EPS
ESR-2233 - Structural Insulated Panels
UL ER11812-01:Foam-Control® Insulation, Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Foam-Control Insulation with Perform Guard, Foam-Control® Geofoam, Foam-Control® Geofoam with Perform Guard.
UL ER11812-02: Polar-R™ and Polar Fold™ Insulation Boards
UL ER11812-03: Nailbase
UL ER11812-04: Foam-Control® PLUS+® Insulation, Foam-Control® PLUS+® Insulation with Perform Guard
UL ER11812-06: Foam-Control® Radon Guard®


DuraTherm® SDS
DuraTherm PLUS+ SDS
Foam-Control EPS SDS
Foam-Control PLUS+ SDS


MasterSpec 072100 Thermal Insulation
Foam-Control® EPS Specification
Foam-Control® PLUS+® EPS Specification
Foam-Control® Radon Guard® Specification
Foam-Control® Nailbase Roof Insulation Specification
Composite Roof Insulation Specification


Polystyrene Warranty (50 Year)
Geofoam Warranty
R-SHIELD® Laminated Insulation Warranty
Packaging & OEM Warranty
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Energy Tax Credits

Tax Credit Form
Environmental Brochure

EPS vs Other Insulations

Polystyrene vs XPS (Apples to Apples)
Polystyrene vs XPS