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Corporate Profile
Environmental Brochure
Foam-Control® and the Environment
Polystyrene Life Cycle Analysis
Tax Credit Form

Architectural Shapes & EIFS

Architectural Shapes Book
Foam-Control Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
Foam-Control MAX™ Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)


Foam-Control® Geofoam
Geofoam Stadium Seating
Geofoam Vegetative Roofs
Geogripper Plates


Foam-Control® Insulation
Foam-Control PLUS+® Architectural Insulation
Foam-Control MAX™ Graphite Polystyrene Insulation
Foam-Control® Radon Guard® Underslab Insulation
Foam-Control PLUS+® Cavity Wall
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Cavity Wall
Foam-Control MAX™ Cavity Wall
Foam-Control PLUS+® Concrete Applications
Foam-Control MAX™ Concrete Applications
Foam-Control PLUS+ Crawl Space Insulation
Foam-Control MAX™ Crawl Space Insulation
Foam-Control PLUS+® Perimeter & Underslab Insulation
Foam-Control PLUS+® Radiant Floor Board
Polystyrene vs. XPS (Apples vs. Apples)
Polystyrene vs. XPS

OEM Products

DuraTherm® Flagship Brochure
Floatation Blocks
Garage Door Insulation
Lost Foam Foundry Patterns
Pipe Insulation
RV Insulation

Packaging & Cold Chain

DuraTherm® Custom Molded Packaging
DuraTherm® Fabricated Packaging
DuraTherm® Flagship Brochure
DuraTherm® Gel Refrigerant
DuraTherm® Insulated Shipping Containers
DuraTherm® Wine Shippers
DuraTherm PLUS+ Validated Seasonal Shipping Solutions
Flexible Foam
Loose Fill

Termite Resistant Insulation

Perform Guard® Termite Resistance
Perform Guard® for Foam-Control Plus+®

Roof Insulation

Foam-Control PLUS+® Roof Insulation
Foam-Control® Roof Insulation
Foam-Control PLUS+® Flute Filler
Foam-Control® Flute Filler
Foam-Control PLUS+® Holey Board
Foam-Control® Holey Board
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Roof Recover Board
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Fan Fold Roof Recover Board
Nailbase Roof Insulation
Nailbase Vent-1
Nailbase Vent-2
Nailbase Fasteners
Composite Roof Insulation
Polyiso Roof Assemblies

Seathing & Siding Underlayment

Foam-Control PLUS+® Sheathing
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Sheathing
Foam-Control MAX™ Sheathing
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Sheathing
Foam-Control® R-SHIELD® Siding Underlayment
Foam-Control® PLUS+® T&G Stucco Board
Foam-Control MAX™ T&G Stucco Board