Custom Molded EPE

Polyethylene Packaging
Custom Molded EPE (polyethylene foam) is a type of packaging material which provides strong cushioning properties and shock proofing capabilities. Custom Molded EPE foam packaging is flexible and light and offers excellent elasticity. The cushioning capabilities absorb shocks by spreading the impact from the outside while having the ability to bend itself.

Custom Molded EPE packaging avoids the weaknesses found in traditional rubber foams such as breaking, distortion and poor rebound features. EPE foam packaging provides thermal performance, moisture protection, anit-friction, anti-aging and rot durability. Custom Molded EPE Foam packaging is also reausable and meets federal and military specifications.

Custom Molded EPE Benefits

  • Excellent cost to protection ratio
  • Light weight material saves shipping costs
  • Provides cushion protection by absorbing shocks
  • Custom molded shapes provide precision fit for products
  • Available in a variety of densities
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Strong but Soft
  • Contains no CFCs

Custom Molded EPE Physical Properties

 Physical Properties

Test Method


 Typical Values

 Density  ASTM-D3575  pcf (g/l)  1.30 (20)  1.5 (24)  1.90 (30)
Compressive Strength
@25% Strain
@50% Strain
@75% Strain
Compressive Set  ASTM-D3575  25% (50%)  3.0 (14.0)  4.2 (12.5)  4.8 (12.0)
Tensile Strength  ASTM-D3575  psi  39.2  44.7  51.4
 Tensile Elongation  ASTM-D3575  %  32.0 30.0 28.5
 Tear Strength  ASTM-D3575 lbs/in  14.0 15.5 17.0
 Buoyancy  ASTM-D3575  pcf  60.6 60.2 59.5
 Compressive Creep  ASTM-D3575
1000 hrs @ 1 psi
 %  2.8  3.0  3.3
 Thermal Conductivity  ASTM-C177  (K) BTU-in/ft²-hr-ºF  0.26  0.25  0.24
 Thermal Resistance  ASTM-C177  (R)  3.9  4.0  4.2
 Flammability  FMVSS-302  <4.0 in/min.  Pass Pass Pass
 Chemical Resistance
(Auto fuels, fluids, solvents)
 Various  1 hr exposure  Pass Pass Pass

Note: Typical values Shown
          pcf = pounds/cubic foot, g/l = grams per liter

The information contained herein is based upon the results of limited laboratory tests on test samples of material molded from expanded polyolefin resin manufactured by JSP,  There can be no assurance that the similar results will be achieved in simulated tests or actural use of commercial product molded by customers of ACH Foam Technologies.  Product performance may vary substantially depending upon the particular application or processing involved.  The listed properties are illustrative only and not the product specifications.  All suggestions and recommendations are made without warranty since the conditions of use are beyond ACH Foam Technologies' control.   Processing and applications of foam products can influence molded part performance in many ways.  Consequently, processors and/or users are advised that there may be a need to conduct independent tests and experiments in order for them to determine the extend to which they may choose to rely upon such information in their business operations.  ACH Foam Technologies disclaims any liability in connection with the use of the information and doe snot warrant against infringement by reasons of the use of its products.

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