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    September 15, 2009
    WineLoc Packaging Products Launches Economical Wine Shippers
    Napa, CA — WineLoc Packaging Products, established in August 2009, launched an economical EPS (expanded polystyrene) wine shipping container that offers cost-effective protection and superior thermal performance for wine shipments. WineLoc EPS and molded pulp wine shipping containers can be easily ordered online at and are distributed nationwide from the headquarters located at 30 Harlow Court in Napa, California.

    “WineLoc’s state-of-the-art design and manufacturing have produced the finest, most economical wine shipping containers the marketplace has yet seen,” said Erich Brandt, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. “WineLoc’s EPS products contain recycled material, offer unparalleled protection because of their superior durability, and reduce supply chain waste caused by broken and damaged goods during shipment.”

    According to Brandt, WineLoc’s EPS wine shipper saves wineries the worry of spoilage due to temperature changes in transit. “The delicate nuances of fine wines are now protected by our EPS containers as they travel through varied climate changes en route to distribution channels,” said Brandt. EPS wine shippers are 90% air, contain recycled content, and can be sent back to WineLoc for recycling into new products.

    All scrap EPS material generated during WineLoc’s EPS manufacturing is ground up and incorporated into new products. The closed-loop manufacturing process can incorporate recycled content and meets or exceeds federal standards for recycled content in EPS.

    WineLoc Packaging Products is one of few wine packaging suppliers that offer easy, online ordering for all customers. “We set out to offer economy, value, and superior service to our customers,” explained Brandt. “All of WineLoc’s EPS and molded pulp wine packaging containers are available in stock and do not require manufacturing lead time.” Online ordering is straightforward and efficient and can be setup for interested customers by calling WineLoc at 866-896-1626.

    WineLoc offers shippers designed for single bottles, multiple bottles and oversized bottles of wine or champagne, in both EPS and molded pulp styles.

    About WineLoc Packaging Products

    As a subsidiary of ACH Foam Technologies, a leading manufacturer of EPS products, WineLoc brings over 50 years of combined experience to the marketplace.

    About ACH Foam Technologies

    For specifications, technical data and studies go to or call ACH Foam Technologies at 800.525.8697.For over four decades ACH Foam Technologies has been an industry leader in EPS manufacturing, providing products for construction, geotechnical, packaging, and industrial applications. With locations throughout the U.S., ACH is positioned to offer convenient, valuable, and complete solutions for its customers. ACH recycles 100% of its post-industrial EPS and is actively involved in recycling post-consumer EPS as well.