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    May 16, 2005
    Three Major EPS Manufacturer's Merge
    DENVER, CO - Three multi-plant EPS manufacturers, operating in different geographical markets, have merged to become a dominant EPS supplier across the U.S. and Northern Mexico. ACH Foam Technologies, LLC was created by merging Advance Foam Plastics [AFP], Contour Products [CPI], and Heartland EPS [HEPS]. The merger will expand growth opportunities in the Construction, OEM, and Packaging Product markets. The collective knowledge and expertise of ACH Foam Technologies, LLC in marketing and manufacturing will be beneficial to all of the new enterprise’s regional locations, while the financial strength and intellectual property of ACH will effectuate innovation in manufacturing processes and market development.

    AFP, CPI, and HEPS have a combined business experience in the EPS industry of over 100 years and the organizations have had business and personal relationships for over 35 years. This merger will bring together over 400 experienced personnel.

    The combined companies produce a full line of block and shape molded EPS products for the Construction, Packaging and O.E.M markets. Many products are manufactured under the R-Control® brand name.

    The primary objective of the merger is growth! The new company believes it can leverage the knowledge and expertise of its well-respected industry personnel to serve a wider geographical area with existing products and services, and to expand the operations to become a nationwide network.

    The three companies have had affiliations throughout the years and are currently partners in the AFM Corporation, an international marketing organization. All the owners of the pre merger corporation will serve as shareholders in ACH Foam Technologies, LLC. The headquarters will be located in Denver, Colorado.

    Mr. John Huempfner President of Heartland EPS stated “I am excited about our new partners and the opportunities available from merging three successful companies that share similar business philosophies. The valuable knowledge and experience in the combined resources permits growth while maintaining high standards to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. I look forward to the future with tremendous enthusiasm.”

    Mr. Rich Waller President of Advance Foam Plastics stated: "Richard, John and I started working toward this nearly three years ago. Over the many years that we have worked and played together through our other mutual business relationships, we have developed a tremendous respect for each other's organizations. The concept of merging these three companies to form the platform for future growth became an obvious business strategy that we all realized had tremendous potential.

    Mr. Richard Nickloy President of Contour Products Inc. stated “I have had the good fortune of being a part of many industry building efforts in my career and this clearly is a defining event. I have never seen a blending of so many talented and experienced people who know the business, the opportunities that exist and how to work together to meet the needs of our customers and the market place. This is truly an exciting time!”

    The merger was effective June 30, 2005.

    ACH Foam Technologies, LLC will operate manufacturing facilities in the following cities: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin – Washington, Iowa- Waukegan, Illinois- Kansas City, Kansas – Newton, Kansas- Denver, Colorado – Murray, Utah - Sparks, Nevada – Azusa, CA- Tijuana, Mexico