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    May 1, 2007
    SIPs Build Green Homes with Little Waste
    LOS ANGELES, CA - Global Green displays a chair made of SIP panels remaining from a home after its completion. SIPs are approved by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety for wall, floor and roof applications and are rapidly growing in the construction and green building markets for their superior energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

    Kevin Radanovich, President and CEO of Green Wall, the Southern California Distributor of SIPs and builder of this unusual chair, explains that SIPs are “the most adaptive panel-building system out there and use of this material is really picking up steam these days. This chair is symbolic of green building. SIP panels are so efficient that the chair is made of all that was left over from building an entire house.” Other building systems, such as conventional framing, have a substantial amount of waste remaining when a home is completed. This means truckloads of materials are thrown-out in rapidly growing landfills.

    SIPs were first used in Michigan in 1950 by Alden B. Dow, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. SIPs have been increasing in popularity among the construction and green building industry in recent years due to rising energy costs, growing environmental concerns and dwindling resources. These changes in the marketplace have resulted in greener, more efficient ways of building.

    Radanovich is very excited by the possibilities of using SIPs because they build "better, stronger, faster. It's a radical shift in building, akin to when lathe and plaster gave way to drywall.” The time and skill it takes to build a house is now significantly reduced. Green methods in general make building efficient, affordable, and accessible for more homebuilders. Green building products use less energy, produce less waste and help to reduce global warming. “ We have to make this the new standard,” states Radanovich.

    Mr. Radanovich is about to launch another company called My, which will offer prefabricated green housing based on the SIPs panels.

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