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    February 28, 2011
    Roofers Sing Praises of EPS

    DENVER, CO—ACH Foam Technologies provided over one million board feet of Foam Control EPS Roof Insulation for the Walgreens 440,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Windsor, Wisconsin. The first phase of re-roofing was in October-November 2010. Estimated completion will be April-May of 2011.

    Walgreens wanted a high-performance roof that would provide better insulative properties and energy savings.


    ACH Foam Technologies provided 1,175,625 Board Feet of 25psi Type IX Foam-Control® EPS Angle Cut Flute Filler Panels 3” x 24” x 96”.


    The distribution center’s original roof, built in 1980, was standing seam steel. “The original insulation consisted of batt insulation installed on the bottom side of the metal roof panel, totaling approximately 9.5 R,” said Guy Snowden, Principal of RRK Associates, Ltd., the commercial/industrial roof consulting firm on the project. According to Snowden, the new roof system was selected for several factors:

    • Service life and durability
    • Minimal weight gain to existing structure due to low slope of existing roof and anticipated snow loads
    • Ability to add additional high R value insulation with minimum height gain due to existing curb and penetration heights
    • Cost

    “The new roof membrane is a fully adhered, .060 mil. Rubbergard EPDM, installed over a base layer of 3" Foam Control EPS Roof Insulation formed to the existing metal panel profile with a cover board of Isogard HD insulation. New insulation added 16.5 R to the roof for a total of 26 R,” said Snowden.

    Upon completion of the project this spring, the Walgreens distribution center will sport a new, high-performance roof with an R-value of 26.

    Project Highlights


    Project Name: Walgreens Distribution Center

    Project Location: Windsor, WI

    Project Date: October-November, 2010 to April-May 2011

    Product: Foam-Control EPS Roof Insulation


    Builder/Contractor Name: Jeremy Ouellette

    Builder/Contractor Company: Northern Metal and Roofing, Inc.


    Roof Consultant: Guy Snowden, Principal

    Roof Consulting Firm: RRK Associates, Ltd.


    ACH Foam Roof Insulation Specialist: Pat Austin


    Building/Project Square Feet: 440,000 Square Feet

    Quantity of Product: 1,175,625 Board Feet

    Product Details: 25psi Type IX Foam-Control® EPS Angle Cut Flute Filler Panels 3” x 24” x 96”