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    February 28, 2012
    ACH Foam Technologies Creates New Jobs With Iowa Expansion / Offers Tours

    Washington IA — ACH Foam Technologies, a leader in EPS (expanded polystyrene) manufacturing, has expanded its Washington, Iowa plant and added eight jobs. The new building doubles the plant’s square footage from 40,000 sq ft. to 80,000 sq ft. to accommodate a new line of shape molding capabilities for its packaging and OEM customers. Plant tours are offered upon request.

    “This expansion is an exciting addition for us,” explained Brad Ward, Division General Manager. We’re offering tours to show off our state-of-the-art Hirsh transfer technology. It’s really fun to see how this machinery works. It allows us to custom mold expanded polystyrene foam packaging as well as other materials such as Arcel®, Gecet®, R-mer® and polyethylene.

    “Our technology enables us to manipulate expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam or other resins to conform to our customers’ product. We can make the part more or less resilient depending on how the customer wants to transfer impact through the custom-molded packaging away from the product. Our designers utilize 3-D software to determine the perfect configuration for the product.”

    This is ACH Foam Technologies’ first expansion in about a year, when the manufacturer added SIPs capabilities to its Sparks, Nevada plant. “We’ve been cautiously optimistic about the economy for the past year. Now that we are experiencing steadily increasing demand for custom-molded packaging, we are excited to move forward with the much-needed expansion. It heralds a new wave of growth for ACH Foam Technologies,” said Erich Brandt, Senior VP Sales.

    The company currently block molds EPS in all eight U.S. locations and custom molds in four locations with Washington, Iowa becoming the fifth plant to offer this customized group of products.

    ACH Foam has been an industry leader in EPS custom molding for more than four decades. ACH Foam Technologies has the most advanced custom-molding technology available, producing products with extremely close tolerances and enhancing speed and efficiency.