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    March 5, 2007
    ACH Direct-to-Deck EPS Roof Insulation Promises Lower Material & Labor Costs
    While Reducing Environmental Impact

    DENVER, CO - ACH Foam Technologies has been granted recognition by the International Code Council Service (ICC) for EPS to be applied directly to a steel deck without the requirement of a code specified thermal barrier. This action allows ACH to effectively market product to the roofing industry that is fully codified. (See ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-2043.)

    “ACH now has the opportunity to provide a cost effective solution for specifiers and roofing contractors without the added cost of a thermal barrier. We are excited to have fully codified product that offers many benefits over competing products,” said Frank Kiesecker,V.P. Architectural Products for ACH.

    ACH Direct-to-Deck EPS is compatible with all major roofing materials and assemblies. Additional benefits such as design flexibility, resistance to moisture and high R-Value make ACH EPS roof insulation the preferred roofing solution among contractors, architects and engineers.

    According to Kiesecker, EPS is more environmentally friendly than similar products used in direct-to-deck roofing applications because EPS can be easily recycled and contains no CFC’s, HFC’s, HCFC’s or formaldehyde.

    “There are several cost benefits to this product . First, EPS Direct-to-Deck insulation costs less per R-Value than competing products. Second, lead time to deliver EPS Direct-to-Deck insulation is much shorter than competing products. And, because there are so many ACH plants across the US, shorter shipping distances to project sites and lower shipping costs make EPS Direct-to-Deck an unbeatable value,” adds Kiesecker.

    ICC-ES Code Evaluation/Specifications:
    • ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-2043 approves EPS to be applied directly over steel roof decks as a component of a Class A, B, or C roof covering.

    • Assemblies: ballasted, mechanically attached and fully-adhered

    • Steel Deck: minimum 22 gauge and a maximum 45 mil membrane

    • Maximum Thicknesses:
    - 9.0 inches @ 1.00 pcf density
    - 7.2 inches @ 1.25 pcf density
    - 6.0 inches @ 1.50 pcf density
    - 4.5 inches @ 2.00 pcf density

    • Accepted membranes: EPDM, CPE, CSPE, PVC, CR, NBP, EIP, EP, PIB, TPO and TPA

    • Cover board (when required): ¼ inch Dens-Deck or ½ inch wood fiber board

    About ACH Foam Technologies

    For specifications, technical data and studies go to or call ACH Foam Technologies at 800.525.8697.For over four decades ACH Foam Technologies has been an industry leader in EPS manufacturing, providing products for construction, geotechnical, packaging, and industrial applications. With locations throughout the U.S., ACH is positioned to offer convenient, valuable, and complete solutions for its customers. ACH recycles 100% of its post-industrial EPS and is actively involved in recycling post-consumer EPS as well.