Lost Foam Foundry Patterns

Used in Metal Casting

Atlas Molded Products is a molder of polystyrene Lost Foam for foundry patterns. Lost foam casting offers design flexibility and opportunities to consolidate multiple castings into one component.

We utilize the latest lost foam technology in molding and pattern assembly to produce high-quality lost foam patterns. These lost foam foundry patterns are the form for casting aluminum and cast iron parts such as engine blocks, heads, crankcases and other components.

Our team of technical professionals can facilitate the tooling process from tool design to tool build for your lost foam pattern. We have in-house CMM capabilities for precision measurement and the process is ISO 9001 Certified (Wisconsin & Iowa).

Lost Foam Casting Benefits

  • Dimensionally Accurate
  • Maintains Excellent Surface Finish
  • Requires No Draft
  • No Parting Lines
  • Simplified Process over Investment (Lost Wax) Casting
  • Risers Typically Not Required
  • Natural Directional Solidification

Benefits of Foam for Foundry Pattern Metal Casting

  • Polystyrene is Easy to Mold, Carve, and Glue
  • Allows for Consolidation of Parts into One Component

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