Foam-Control® Drywall Backer

Foam-Control® Drywall Backer adds a continuous energy-saving insulation layer for the building interior. Foam-Control® Drywall Backer is a rigid insulation that will not slump or lose R-Value. It is clean, non-itchy and easy to install.

Scored Foam-Control® can be provided for wood stud, metal lath or J-track and Z-channel systems. Other field-installed attachment systems meeting code acceptance, i.e., adhesives, etc., can also be used. Vertical or horizontal attachment of gypsum board or other code-compliant thermal barriers progress quickly.

Benefits of Foam-Control® Drywall Backer

  • Continuous Insulation at Wall Line
  • Stable R-Value Material
  • No CFC, HCFC or HFC
  • No Slumping or Settling
  • No Need for Intensive Framing Labor & Material
  • Fully Code Accepted when Used with Standard Thermal Barriers
  • 4' x 8' Standard Size
  • Non-Itchy
  • Resistant to Termites

Foam-Control® Drywall Backer Installation Instructions

Foam-Control® Drywall Backer will be installed tightly where shown on drawings. Provide ASTM type, size and thickness as stated in drawings or as part of this specification.

Apply material between field-applied attachment channels or through integral factory furring channels. Use fastening systems compatible with the building substrate and insulation system. Use frequency recommended by fastener manufacturer.

If adhesives are required, use an adhesive that is recommended with polystyrene and the substrate. With Drywall Backer secured into place, drywall or thermal barrier application may commence.

Foam-Control® Drywall Backer comes in flat sheets or can be scored in multiple width locations for convenient installation and can also be used for exterior applications, provided exterior cladding is applied per code and cladding manufacturer's recommendations are followed.

Protect material during installation or related operations. Foam-Control® must be protected from exposure using a weather-resistive covering.

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