Perform Guard® Technology

Termite Resistant Insulation
Perform Guard® is a termite resistant molded polystyrene insulation for all types of construction applications.  It is available for use in Foam-Control®, Foam-Control PLUS+® architectural insulation, Foam-Control® Geofoam, R-Control® Structural Insulation Panels, (SIP's) and many other construction applications. 
  • Resistant to Termite Damage
  • Resistant to Formosan Termites
  • Non-Toxic & Safe to Handle
  • Incorporates EPA-Registered Material
  • Meets Code Requirements for Ground Contact
  • Cost-Effective
Code Compliant Perform Guard® has been evaluated for below-grade use by the ICC ES. Please see ICC ES Evaluation Report, ESR-1006.

To learn more about the criteria for acceptance of Perform Guard® by the ICC ES, please see ICC ES Evaluation Guide AC-239.

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