Tapered Roof Insulation

About Tapered Roof Insulation

Atlas Molded Products' Tapered Roof Insulation was developed more than 30 years ago with a dual purpose in mind: to drain and insulate dead-level roof decks. Manufactured from lightweight molded polystyrene, Tapered Roof Insulation is a value-engineered system that has been proven in new and reroof applications all over the country.

This tapered roof insulation technology creates high thermal performance which improves interior comfort and reduces the energy costs of keeping a building comfortable. Foam-Control® Plus+® and Foam-Control® tapered roof insulation also offers optimum design flexibility for the architect and saves the roofer/applicator time and labor.

Foam-Control® Plus+® Tapered Roof Insulation

Foam-Control® Plus+® is an architectural insulation product line with high compressive strength, stable R-value, and superior moisture resistance. Foam-Control® Plus+® is a premium grade insulation manufactured to provide architects, specifiers, distributors, and contractors all the features and benefits inherent in a high quality architectural insulation.

  • High compressive strength of 15, 25, 40 or 60 psi
  • High R-value that never changes and is stable over time
  • Closed cell insulation with superior moisture resistance
  • High drying potential to rapidly release absorbed moisture
  • Meets code requirements for direct-to-deck
  • No thermal barrier required (see ICC-ES ESR-1006 and UL ER11812-01)

Strength¹, psi


75º F

40º F

Plus+ 150 15 4.2 4.6
Plus+ 250 25 4.4 4.8
Plus+ 400 40 4.4 4.8
Plus+ 600 60 4.5 4.9
¹Compressive strength @10% deformation.
²R-Value and thicknesses to meet your needs.

Foam-Control® Plus+® Outperforms XPS
  • Foam-Control® Plus+® provides more R-value at a lower cost
  • XPS use blowing agents that cause R-value loss over time
  • Foam-Control® Plus+® available in 15, 25, 40, and 60 psi strengths at a lower cost
  • Foam-Control® Plus+® has a superior drying potential
  • Foam-Control® Plus+® is more vapor permeable to help avoid moisture problems

Foam-Control® Tapered Roof Insulation

Foam-Control® Tapered Roof Insulation is a cost-effective, durable and energy efficient solution for roof insulation. Foam-Control® Tapered Roof Insulation is compatible with all major roofing materials and assemblies.

  • No long-term R-value loss or thermal drift
  • Design Flexibility
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Cost-Effective
  • No CFC, HCFC, HFC, or formaldehyde
  • No thermal barrier required (see ICC-ES ESR-1006 and UL ER11812-01)

Strength¹, psi


75º F

40º F

100 10 3.9 4.2
130 13 3.9 4.3
1 Compressive strength @ 10% deformation.
2 R-value units are °F·ft2·h/Btu.
3 Recommended for design in WARM climates.
4 Recommended for design in COLD climates.

Foam-Control® & Foam-Control® Plus+® Tapered Roof Insulation

Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® Tapered Roof Insulation are recognized for use in direct-to-deck applications.  UL Evaluation Report ER11812-01 and UL Roof Deck Construction No. 458 recognize Foam-Control® Plus+® 150 up to 6.7" and Foam‑Control® 100 up to 10” being installed directly over steel roof decks along with a Class A, B or C roof covering of 80 mils or less.

ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1006 recognizes Foam-Control® Plus+® 150 up to 6" and Foam-Control® 100 up to 9” to be applied directly over steel roof decks along with a Class A, B or C roof covering of 45 mils or less.

Manufacturing procedures for roof insulation that are identified in quality control manuals include: material tracing, in-plant testing of product, random sampling of product by outside independent laboratories and labeling of finished product for in-field identification.

Atlas Molded Products’ quality assurance program is the most comprehensive in the molded polystyrene roof insulation industry. It allows for complete code compliance, certification to critical physical properties and roof listings from UL, FM and others.

Using Tapered Roof Insulation for Effective Drainage

The roofing industry accepts that long-term membrane performance and adequate roof drainage go hand in hand. Membrane manufacturers will not warranty the performance of their membrane without positive drainage. Building codes mandate positive roof drainage.

Foam-Control® Tapered Roof Insulation is offered in a one-layer, integral compound system or modular format, both offering optimum design flexibility for the architect and saves the roofer/applicator time and labor. Also, pre-engineered factory cut cricket and saddle systems provide effective and economical drainage on structurally sloped roof decks.

Simply stated, all single-ply, modified bitumen and BUR roofing membranes are less likely to leak and fail if water is not standing on top of them. Potential water damage to the building and its contents is thus eliminated.
Atlas Molded Products' Tapered Roof Insulation is recyclable and environmentally friendly. It contains no CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde and comes with a 50-year thermal warranty.

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