Perimeter, Below-Grade, & Underslab Insulation

With up to 50 percent of a building’s total heat loss occurring at the perimeter and slab of the foundation, below-grade insulation is crucial to achieving energy efficiency. Perimeter, below-grade, and underslab molded polystyrene insulation is a proven and effective method of conserving heat energy in cold climates, and air conditioning energy in warm climates.

Perimeter, Below-Grade, & Underslab Insulation Products

ACH Foam Technologies' Foam-Control® PLUS+® is an architectural insulation product line with high compressive strengths and R-values. Foam-Control® PLUS+® is a premium insulation manufactured to provide architects, specifiers, distributors, and contractors all the features and benefits inherent in a high quality insulation.  Perfectly suited for wall insulation applications, Foam-Control® PLUS+® is available in 15 to 60 psi compressive strengths with R-values from R4.2 to R4.5. Foam-Control® PLUS+® comes with a 50-year R-value warranty and is available nationwide.

Foam-Control® Radon Guard® is a patent-pending, structural under-slab insulation and ventilation panel system that provides for radon gas removal, insulation, and a capillary break. Radon Guard is a sub-slab depressurization insulation panel that provides radon gas movement between the ground and the soil-gas-retarder to a vent pipe.